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Olive Corn Body Scrub & Polish

Olive Corn Body Scrub & Polish


Apricot seed exfoliant


Lathering DHC Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish exfoliating scrub does it all: cleanses, sloughs off lifeless skin cells and moisturises your arms, legs and torso by leaving behind a veil of hydration from skin-loving olive oil and nourishing vitamin E.


  • Uses unique structure surfactant liquid (SSL) technology to simultaneously cleanse and moisturise
  • Small and large granules of corn cob powder work together to refine your skin and gently exfoliate without irritation
  • Invigorating natural lavender aroma
  • Microbead-free

How To Use

In the shower or bath, massage lightly over skin. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid using on freshly shaved skin.


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