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Resveratrol Essence

Resveratrol Essence


Moisture-promoting booster.

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Deeply hydrating DHC Resveratrol Essence booster luxuriously promotes smoother, more resilient skin with resveratrol, combined with soothing, moisturising cereal extracts to help boost skin’s natural moisture barrier and bolster its defences against environmental stresses. Resveratrol is also a phytoalexin, one of 600 microbial compounds produced by plants to protect them from adverse conditions, including UV rays, harsh conditions and climate. In lab studies, it has been shown to promote the Sirtuin “longevity” gene.


  • Resveratrol, a polyphenol antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes, helps fight visible signs of aging
  • For best results, use with other DHC Resveratrol products


How To Use

 After toning, smooth evenly over face. For best results, use with other DHC Resveratrol products.


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